Mediation starts from just £99.00 - Low Cost Divorce Starts from Just £450.00

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Divorce and Separation Package Prices

The Cost of Divorce – our fees

For most people, going for a buffet meal is much better than going for an a la carte meal because in case of the former one can eat as much as one wants without worrying about the bill as the price is fixed. In the same manner, people prefer to go for fixed price divorce because this solution takes care of everything from procurement and execution of divorce forms to legal services to courtroom services and mediation work and one would just need to pay a fixed amount of fee. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, you better pinch yourself because this kind of divorce service certainly exists!

At FPDS, we offer couples with the solution of getting a divorce that involves minimal cost, time and stress. We believe that if a couple is determined about breaking up and not wanting to live with each other anymore then they should be allowed to do so. Couples who wish to split can make use of our unique and highly beneficial service in order to enjoy a flexible divorce solution.

Our services are basically an amalgamation of family mediators, solicitors and case handlers. If you were to tackle with the divorce via the conventional way, i.e. through barristers and solicitors then it would turn out to be a costly and highly time consuming process. Thus, you and your spouse would only end up hating each other more and you won’t be able to stand the sight of your spouse any longer! Therefore, why should you prolong the pain and frustration? Why not opt for a quick, easy and effective solution like ours to get separated painlessly and quickly?

FPDS offices are dotted all over England and Wales, therefore you will not have much problem finding an FPDS office near your home. You can make use of our services for making child care arrangements and splitting of assets.


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