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Children & Finances Mediation Service Huntingdon

Mediation Information Meetings We provide mediation information meetings (MIAMS) for several reasons. First, an individual who desires mediation with an ex-partner is provided. However, it is also possible to use this service to obtain the necessary documentation (C100 Form A) and appear at a court hearing. Either way, it is important to note that since April of 2014, evidence of a mediation information meeting needs to be provided in order for the court to recognise the case. We offer fast and reliable services in reference to this procedure. All meetings are completely confidential and we are happy to provide face-to-face consultations, discussions via telephone and even through the use of video chat such as Skype. This will help all parties involved come to the most reasonable conclusions possible.

Mediation is a way to solve unpleasant disputes associated with helping situations that involve children, making it easier for them not to go through a difficult time.

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Mediation Solutions

How family mediation helps couples resolve issues around children Mediation helps couples resolve issues around children and lessens divorce-complications. It solves the problem fast and facilitates better decision making and timing for the family. Mediation saves children and separating couples from emotional stress while helping in coming up with solutions to co-parenting and access arrangements. It also helps in stipulating and planning the terms of visits, holidays/passports, school and splitting of assets including shares, pensions, homes and family business. Family mediation even tackles new partners for parents and how to introduce themselves to the kids. This process eliminates bitterness and strain that comes with separation and divorce.Find a cost-effective mediation service that is confidential, sensitive, experienced and impartial, with FMA/FMC approved mediators, MIAMS, problem solving specialists, child access and dispute resolution experts to help your family.

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Consider Family Mediation When Divorcing or Separating If there’s trouble brewing in paradise amongst couples then the first thing that comes to their minds is divorce. A lot of times, divorces can be dodged by going for family mediation. There is no doubt about the fact that divorcing or separating is a very difficult and trying task because there is so much involved, i.e. children, finances and so on. Therefore one should try to the best of one’s ability to simplify it and make it less complicated. The perfect solution here is of course family mediation. Couples filing for divorce have a lot of issues with one another so obviously they would be bitter towards one another. Instead of washing one’s dirty linen in public and letting one’s issues escalate so badly that they reach the court, it would be beneficial to try out family mediation first. Not only does the process help save stress and money but it also brings out results faster! Also, because of its confidential nature, it allows the couple to have better control of the timing, outcome and decision making.

Mediation can help whenever a family is experiencing a period of change, including divorce, separation, poor health or disputes following a bereavement.

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Mediation is the use of an independent and impartial third party, called a mediator, in settlement of family disputes; including financial issues, children mortgage, and divorce, instead of opting arbitration or court processes.

Other areas we cover in cambridgeshire:

Family Mediation can help with the following situations –

  • Children – access, parental plans and co parental arrangements
  • Finances – Split of assets including homes, pensions, savings, business, shares etc.

We help the following people –

  • Separating couples
  • Divorcees
  • Same sex couples
  • Grandparents

Why choose us for Family Mediation?

  • FMA/FMC approved mediators
  • MIAMS approved
  • Trusted
  • Cost effective
  • National offices
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