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National Family Mediation Service

A divorce or separation can be a lengthy, stressful and financially crippling undertaking. While the psychological ramifications are indeed potentially severe in their own right, these difficulties are frequently exacerbated by the high fees charged by solicitors and barristers. The end result will be more animosity between the parties involved and the prospect for one or both individuals to experience protracted economic hardship.

There is another option – FAMILY MEDIATION SERVICE

We offer Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and mediation by sole or shuttle mediation for couples and we also offer out of hours mediation for maximum convenience. This is the primary reason why Fixed Price Divorce Services are proving attractive to many couples seeking an amicable divorce. Sometime a good place to start is family mediation and this is why we are recommended by family courts, solicitors and Citizen advice all across the UK.

Excellent Service

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